A classic Italian bitter, Aperol is made with infusions of selected ingredients including bitter and sweet oranges and many other herbs including rhubarb and according to its manufacturer “roots in perfect proportions.”  While Aperol’s recipe has never been changed, it does remain a secret.    

    The Campari Group produces Aperol today, but it was originally created in 1919 by Luigi and Silvio Barbieri, becoming successful commercially after World War II.  While Aperol tastes and smells like Campari, its ABV remains less than half of Campari.  The two brother products feature the same sugar content, while Aperol remains less bitter in taste while Campari features a much darker color.

    Aperol’s vibrant orange hue makes it a popular choice during the summer.  Its name comes from the French slang word for aperitif, which is apero.  

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