Bloomy Rind


    A soft and fluffy cheese rind made with a coat of white mold that helps ripen the cheese from the outside in by breaking down proteins and fats; this leads to a softer texture and increased flavor enhancement.  This breakdown occurs quicker in cheeses that contain a higher starting moisture content.  Cheeses using penicillium camemberti are prone to developing bloomy rind.  Also known as mold-ripened cheese, descriptions of bloomy rind cheese are often mild and lactic with flavors that resemble onion and/or mushroom.  The white rind left after the process is edible.

    Bloomy rind cheeses, most famously Brie and Camembert, are made across the world with any type of milk.  Flavor and intensity profiles vary greatly across this style and we find many people can prefer one end of the spectrum while hating the other.



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