Rich Demerara Syrup


    Rich demerara syrup, also known as rich demerara simple syrup consists of a 2:1 ratio by weight of demerara sugar to water.  The molasses flavor in the syrup provides a smooth yet hearty base with a nice golden hue.  Rich demerara syrup is perfect to add caramel-like flavors in barbeque recipes, cocktails, and soda.  Used in place of simple syrup, it provides additional depth to a variety of drinks.

    BG Reynolds manufactures a rich demerara syrup, but most craft cocktail bars make their own by following a simple process.  Simply combine the sugar and water in a pot, stirring them together over moderate heat while taking care not to bring the mixture to a full boil.  As the sugar dissolves, a tinted brown liquid remains that is then left to cool before pouring into a clean bottle.

    Rich demerara syrup features a fairly long lifetime between four to six months when stored in a refrigerator.  Adding a touch of vodka to the syrup doubles the storage time and prevents fermentation.

    The syrup livens up a daiquiri, is perfect in an old fashioned, and is found in other cocktail recipes like the Miller Shake and the November Witch.



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