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Lemon Juice cocktails

French 75

While not quite on the Mount Rushmore of cocktails, the versatile French 75 featuring gin and bubbles courtesy of Champagne certainly belongs on a...

Amber Road

For those wishing to explore bitter cocktails, or to play with bitter ingredients, Aperol offers a great starting point.  Only slightly bitter, Aperol remains...

New York Sour

Let's get back in a New York Groove with the Continental Sour.  Wait, what you ask?  Yes, the New York sour dates back to...

Boston Sour

A cousin of the iconic whiskey sour, a Boston Sour adds an egg white to provide a thick, frothy foam with a silky smooth...

Lavender Bee’s Knees Cocktail Recipe

This recipe builds on a foundational drink known as the Bee’s Knees from the sours family of cocktails. The original Bee’s Knees is a...



Strawberry Thyme

Strawberry Thyme

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