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Milk Chocolate Ganache Tart

Reminiscent of childhood memories, luxury, sweetness and sensuality, chocolate is more than just a food – it is therapy. Chocolate Ganache Although it sounds sophisticated for...

Lime Coconut Scallops With Pecans

"The way to a man's heart is trough his stomach." The lime coconut scallops make a fine starter for your dinner date night. Simple yet...

Mulled Wine

While most of us think of mulled wine and Christmas in the same thought, this traditional drink, also known as spiced wine, remains popular...

Vanilla Rolls

Step up your holiday cookie tray with vanilla rolls, a fragile cookie that melts in the mouth.  The cookie remains dryer when fresh, so...

Raspberry Thyme Margarita

This adaption, based on the Queen of sour cocktails, the Margarita, provides the perfect refreshment for a spring or summer get together.  By replacing...

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Marry someone who can cook. Looks go away, hunger does not.
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