Rich Simple Syrup


    A sweeter cousin of simple syrup, rich simple syrup doubles the amount of sugar for a 2:1 ratio of granulated sugar to water.  To make, combine two parts sugar and one part water in a small saucepan and stir the mixture over medium heat.  For a perfectly made syrup, measure your ingredients by weight as equal volumes of granulated sugar and water do not weigh the same.  Take care not to bring the mixture to a full boil.  Once the sugar dissolves, remove the syrup from the heat, cool to room temperature and transfer to a clean jar.  When properly refrigerated, rich simple syrup lasts up to six months.

    Most serious bartenders make their own rich simple syrup.  If you choose to utilize a commercially available rich simple syrup make sure you avoid syrups with preservatives and fillers like citric acid, which alters the taste of the syrup.  Some syrup manufacturers also include coloring, which may alter the appearance of your cocktail.  Finally, many cheaper syrups use high fructose corn syrup, which changes the flavor of the syrup and in many cases produces a syrup that is either too sweet or not sweet enough.  Losing an essential control like sweetness certainly impacts a cocktail’s flavor and balance.



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